Sunday, August 12, 2007

Learn English

First step in surviving the Engineering culture is to earn the language of the elites. English.

There is a cliche that those who are good in Mathematics are poor in English. Therefore, it follows that Engineering students are good in Math but have poor English skills. People often stereotype Engineering students to be poor in expressing themselves in English. These presumptions are proved to be wrong. One of the best debater in the region is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering in 2007. Beat that!

Here are some instances which you may not want to encounter in your Engineering life.
  • My teacher in Philosophy once said, "If you are to read a philosophical article, you might need a dictionary for you to understand what you are reading. I understand that you, Engineering Students, are not good in English". He said that without any precautions which he explicitly said in front of the class.
  • My teacher in a major subject gave a quiz in which requires an essay. (some sort of an explanation for a theory or process i think) She did not consider our answers because she said that we have misunderstood her question. The question she gave us was not the exact thought of the topic that she wanted us to discuss. See? There's always a problem when you teacher does not know how to correctly express her thoughts.

  • When a person or a classmate perhaps would commit a mistake in grammar during recitations, there is a good chance that this person or classmate would be the source of laughter for the class. But for my teacher's case, it is not. If he would go back to college and enroll in an English class, he would surely fail. Since it is already innate in him (committing mistakes in the use of English language), laughing at his mistake would be completely useless.
Well, to close my point, one should learn English for him to be better as compared to other courses. It should follow that when you are good in Math, you should also be good in English. Math follows rules and laws to be correct. Same idea is being used in the English language, it follows rules and laws for it to be grammatically correct. It should be since both skills rest at the left side of our brain, the part wherein we process logical thinking and verbal skills.

***I apologize if I am a bit biased against the teachers here.

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masterofthe said...

you shouldn't really apologize, teachers here are really great!

BTW, there's a Marhgil Macuha Contest on blog posting, maybe you can join us to add some more excitement.