Friday, May 9, 2008

On my CODEE Engineering Post

I've been letting this thing pass since the arguments on my USEP post started. I had to make it clear that the article I wrote was about how well we made on the CODEE Engineering Congress and not in any manner that I intend to lambast USEP and/or any of its constituents.

I have no intentions of proving how better Ateneo Engineering as compared with USEP's. Not even in anyway that I want to give emphasis on how poor the facilities or the teaching methods of USEP are. Stating the obvious will be redundant.

I did not give any comments on that post. Making a comment will be degrading on my part.

The elististang atenista,

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ice9web said...

Anyway I know that your post was just to let the readers know your experience and nothing more.

pano kasi medyo naunahan kaya ng isang post from someone...

Ok Case Cleared na!